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We provide outsourced sales management services. It doesn’t matter if you already have a sales team or you’re wanting to add your very first sales rep, we can help you with managing a sales team. In return, you’ll end up receiving a stream of dentists on a monthly basis.

CRM Consultation & Implementation
Your business needs a customer relationship management software or system in place. CRM allows dental labs to maintain their dentists account records. They can also use CRM to followup with potential new customers. Not all CRMs are created equal, and we can help you choose which CRM your dental lab should use. We’ll implement your CRM and we’ll show you how to use it. If need be, we’ll configure you CRM to meet your lab’s needs.

Our Dental Practice Management Consultants

Sales Reps Training
Does your dental labs rely on sales reps to generate business? Do they need help closing more deals? If so, then let us help you. We can train your sales reps in a way that will help them sell more products to dentists. Best of all, you won’t have to offer prospective clients with discounts or rely on promotions to close deals.Coaching
We can provide your current sales reps with one-on-one coaching. If your reps or a specific sales rep needs to improve their sales numbers, then we can coach them. Our coaching sessions are intense, but fun and informational. We are confident we can help any sales rep become better.

Territory Research, Design & Management
You can find new territories to expand your business into. We’ll research various markets to determine which ones have the best potential. We’ll design and manage everything from creating databases of potential customers, a customized sales plan and much more.

Compensation Models & Bonus Compensation Plans
Your team needs to remain motivated, and the best way to keep them hungry is by implementing an attractive compensation model. Our company can design a compensation model based on your budget. Not only that, but we can create a bonus compensation plan when specific targets or goals are meant.

Cashflow & Profitability
Dental Practice Management ConsultantsImproving cashflow can be difficult for dental labs. However, we can work with you to create a strategy that will improve your overall cashflow. We have extensive experience with this, and as a result our clients have been able to improve their profitability.

Sometimes dental labs get too used to their software. In turn, they find it difficult to grow their business. We provide lab management software services. Our team can ensure your software is integrated in a way that you are getting the most benefits from it. If necessary, we can create a custom platform.

Compliance With The FDA
We can help your dental lab become FDA compliant, and quickly. Once your lab is compliant, we will ensure that it remains compliant. You will not have to worry about running afoul with the FDA.

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